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ClwydAlyn supports the Bevan Foundation

ClwydAlyn supports the Bevan Foundation as it launches its social agenda for the next five years as part of Challenge Poverty Week.


Public services in Wales should lead recovery from coronavirus and help to solve poverty and inequality, says Victoria Winckler, Director of the Bevan Foundation as it launches its social agenda for the next five years.

The coronavirus outbreak has not hit everyone equally. It’s deepened already high levels of poverty, and brought more people into its grip. It’s surfaced and worsened gender, ethnic and disability inequalities.

Politicians are grappling with how best to repair, recover, rebuild and reconstruct our economy and society – the Welsh Government’s plans for next six months were published last week.


But the severity of the pandemic’s impact, on top of already-stark divisions, needs more than a short-term programme. It needs major reinvestment in our social fabric that will eradicate poverty and inequality for good.

Clare Budden, CEO at ClwydAlyn commented: “Our mission is together to beat poverty, but we know we can’t do that alone. Our commitment is to work in collaboration with a range of partners to tackle poverty at every level.

“We believe that everyone should have access to a good home and one that they can afford to heat properly. We believe that everyone should be able to afford the food they need to stay healthy and live in a community where they can achieve their aspirations. We want to make this a reality for as many people as possible in North Wales.

“We have reduced evictions by 87% in a year and evict no one into homelessness. We are asking all political parties in the 2021 elections for a fairer Wales with no poverty.”

The Bevan Foundation’s latest report sets a far-reaching agenda for how Wales’ public services could transform the lives of people in Wales.


It’s a detailed set of proposals that draws on our recent, carefully-evidenced work. There is a wealth of changes that will transform Wales. It’s well worth a read, but some of the highlights include:

  • more affordable housing
  • universal free part-time childcare
  • a new School Start scheme to provide food and clothing
  • investment in further education and a new Learning Allowance for 16-18 year olds
  • free community wifi and access to low cost devices

To read more about the Bevan Foundation and its work please click here.

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