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Hafan Cefni

Llangefni, Anglesey, LL77 7JA

Telephone: 0800 183 5757

Hear about one of our clients and how they escaped Domestic Abuse

The client was a 25-year-old female who accessed Refuge provision, through the Live Fear Free Helpline.

The client sought sanctuary following a serious incident where she was thrown down the stairs and knocked unconscious. The client was fleeing her partner, who had been emotionally, financially, physically, and coercively controlling throughout their relationship

The client settled into Refuge life, but soon began to display unusual and concerning behaviour. Following close monitoring, and numerous discussions with the client a referral was submitted to the Mental Health team for support. Following a mental health assessment, it was discovered the client had already had a diagnosis and had been prescribed the appropriate medication, including anti-psychotic / mood controllers. It was then discovered that the clients’ partner had been withholding her medication, resulting in the decline in her mental health. It was also noted that the client – had been self-medicating with her partner in the hope she would feel better, but in fact, now had an addiction to class A substances.

During the client’s time in Refuge, she struggled emotionally and physically with her addiction which impacted negatively on her mental health which would then result in an increase in substance usage. At times, when under the influence, the client would often engage in risky behaviour despite the potential consequences to herself. The client was extremely vulnerable and despite constant positive encouragement from Refuge staff and external agencies such as the Mental Health Team, the client continued to display challenging and inappropriate behaviour in and away from the refuge.

Following lengthy discussions between Refuge staff, the client, and external agencies – a new approach was taken, and her Safety plan was amended. This contained strict do’s & don’ts that involved 100% engagement from the client. Although, improvement was slow, the client’s behaviour was noticeably improving. The client, fully engaged with ClwydAlyn Women’s Aid (CAWA) and external agencies, she stopped leaving refuge without informing staff and/or her Mental health worker resulting in a reduction in missing people reports being filled with North Wales Police and would often return when arranged. The client also began to take her prescribed medication and reduce her intake of substances, her mental health began to stabilise, and the client started to focus on her future and what she could next achieve.

After nearly 15 months in Refuge, the numerous struggles and setbacks, a lot of hard work and dedication from the client she left Refuge to her forever home, healthy, her mental health stabilised, addiction free, with a positive outlook on her future and the next chapter of her life, which included her new partner and unborn baby.

Since leaving refuge, the client has kept in touch, and she continues to flourish in her new life free from harm.

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